Synthetic grass- multifunctional pitches

Multifunctional pitches, through their universal charactre give an opportunity to train many disciplines.  The idea of multifunctional pitches is very popular amongst local administration units, educational units, residential districts’ committees, recreational grounds, etc. Depending on individual expectations of an investor a pitch can be designed for one or more disciplines of sport, for example: basketball, volleyball, handball, mini football, tennis.
Excellent surface used for that kind of purpose is short, 15-22 mm high synthetic grass, filled with quartz or silica sand. Right density and the right kind of fibers ensure good parameters of ball bouncing dynamics, while colourful lines precisely determine playing fields.
Foundation can be made of concrete, asphalt or layers of stone aggregates.  It is also possible to provide drainage of the pitch, which is an advantage in favor of the use of synthetic grass, because the pitch can be accesses and used without any problems just after the rain.
Another significant factor in favour of the grass as a surface is its relatively low cost as well as simple and economical maintenance system consisting of an even distribution of silica sand on the pitch and its filling in.

In addition, synthetic grass surface, without damage to the pitch, creates a possibility to make safe ice rink during the winter season, which undoubtedly is an additional attraction for users and for the investor it is an additional and economical way to make use of the pitch even in the winter season.

Concrete rim 8x30x100 cm on a concrete panel (B15) with resistance on a sand bed.

Synthetic sand surface:

  • Width – 15-22 mm
  • Alignment layer: aggregate 0.075-4.0 mm, width 3 cm
  • Upper layer design: aggregate: 4.0-31.5 mm, width 8cm
  • Lower layer design: fraction aggregate 31,5-63 mm, width 12 cm
  • Drainage layer: sand 0-0.2 mm, width 10 cm
  • Native soil
  • Drainage – PVC 080 pipe coated in filter gravel