Natural grass – football pitches

The most popular football pitches’ surface is natural grass.  At the moment while building natural grass football pitches we can use a ready-made product – rolled grass or we can sow grass seeds. However, a special selection of grass seeds mixture, strong and dense root system, as well as the rate of self- regeneration of the surface, characteristic of rolled grass, makes it the best product.  Installation of full-size pitch lasts a few days for rolled grass and or one day sowing for grass seeds, with their full rooting within 6-8 weeks.  The pitch is ready for use after three months. During realization of the project the soil of the to be pitch needs to be examined in a laboratory in order to establish the right choice of fertilizers (and their proportions), as well as a test of permeability of the soil needs to be done which is important for vegetation process which take place. Foundation consists of a gravel and sand  surface as well as a layer of fertile  soil which ensures the right reception of rain by the drainage system and the proper vegetation of the grass.
Depending on a customer’s individual requirements an automatic watering system or a pitch heating system can be installed.
It needs to be emphasized however that regardless of the size of the pitch its grass cannot be exploited more than 5-6 hours a week which in practice means significant time limitations as far as its usage is concerned. Exceeding the time limitations will cause unbalancing of the grass’s vegetation system and lack of possibility for its self-regeneration. Natural grass requires systematic maintenance. Mowing, watering, aggregation, sanding ,  or fertilizing to name just a few treatments on which maintenance o f the grass relies without the necessity of mending or exchanging it.
Despite the inconveniencies mentioned above, related to the maintenance of the grass, the natural grass remains the most popular surface on football pitches.