Synthetic grass – tennis courts

For lovers of tennis we can offer courts with synthetic grass surface that successfully bridge the gap between classical brick courts and  dynamic hard courts, built on the basis of acrylic resins. Depending on the wish of the investor we can provide grass surface for a fast, medium fast or slow court.

Grass fibers ranging from 9 to 15 mm mean a fast or medium fast court, and fibers from 16 to 20 mm mean a slow court. The whole surface is filled with silica sand. We can also use the variety of colours both for the court and runs which accompanied by the perfect aesthetic surface appearance heightens the attractiveness of the object.

Foundation of the court, similarly to any other synthetic grass surface, can be any. Taking into consideration all inconveniencies related to outdoor brick courts (limitations due to rains) a permeable surface made of stone aggregates can be used. Such foundation guarantees a possibility to play right after the rain which is impossible when a different type of foundation is used. Synthetic grass is ideal for indoor facilities (halls, pneumatic halls and the like).

Maintenance of a synthetic grass court is characterized, in contrary to a brick court, by minimal and economical maintenance treatments consisting mostly in placement of silica sand and its regular filling in.

Cross section of the foundation of the synthetic grass surface.

Concrete rim 8x30x100 cm on a concrete panel (B15) with resistance in a sand bed

Synthetic grass surface:

  • Width 9-20 mm
  • Alignment layer – aggregate 0.075-4.0 mm, width 3 cm
  • Upper layer design – aggregate 4.0-31.5 mm, width 8 cm
  • Lower layer design – fraction aggregate 31.5-63mm, width 12 cm
  • Drainage layer – sand 0-0.2 mm, width 10 cm
  • Native soil
  • Drainage – PVC 080 pipe – coated in filter gravel