While designing sports infrastructure one cannot forget about children, about their harmonious and comprehensive development in a safe and attractive surrounding. Playgrounds depending on the investor’s requirements can be destined to various forms of playground equipment, taking into consideration age ranges.

For children from 3-6 years old playing toys like: swings or slides can be installed while for children ranged from 6-12 years old equipment shaping comprehensive development of children can be mounted.  The most important aspect here is building a safe playground and mounting attested, in accordance with the Polish Norms,  playground equipment, compatible with the Governmental Program “Cheerful School”.
An indispensible element is a type of a surface which we are planning to fill the playground with. A classical surface used in playgrounds is sand which unfortunately needs filling in.  Moreover, sand is taken over onto playground equipment by children during play which is a negative aspect as far as safety conditions are concerned.

An alternative for sand is an elastic, well absorbing energy, aesthetic, polyurethane surface which when kept cleaned does not need maintenance.  Similarly to multifunctional pitches and running tracks it can be installed on a few types of foundation providing rain water collection which improves comfort of play for children using the playground.

Concrete rim 8x30x100 cm on a concrete panel (B10) with resistance on a sand bed

Polyurethane surface – EPDM type

  • Width 50-120 mm
  • Alignment layer – aggregate 4.0-31.5 mm, width 3 cm
  • Upper layer design – aggregate 4.0-31.5 mm, width 8 cm
  • Lower layer design – fraction aggregate 31.5-63 mm
  • Drainage layer – sand 0-0.2 mm, width 10 cm
  • Native soil
  • Drainage – PVC 080 pipe – coated in filter gravel